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From January BNOs will accept application processes, so let's see how much UK spending fees can be.

The British government announced on its official website yesterday (22) that the "Hong Kong BN (O) Visa" will be officially accepted on January 31 next year, meaning that the success of BNO equal rights, we can officially start to carry luggage, transfer money to the United Kingdom, ready to go to the United Kingdom to start a new life! Before you buy a plane ticket to go, you may question: How much money do I need to prepare to immigrate to the UK?

UK Immigration Expenses | BNO | JiaYu

BNO visa details
As last announced, all persons holding BNO status and their family members (who must normally reside in Hong Kong) are eligible to travel to the United Kingdom together, study or work freely, and after five to one year of legal residence in the United Kingdom, they will be able to apply for naturalization in the United Kingdom after passing a certain level of English and passing the UK citizenship test.

There are no quotas for BNO visas. Visas are available for 30 months or 5 years, with a lower visa fee than other visas, and a five-year visa of £250 and a 30-month visa of £180.

How much money is needed for six months?
The British Governmentnoticementions that the applicant must prove that he has sufficient funds to financially support his family for six months in the UK. What about proof? Here's some similar requirements for other visa requirements in the UK:

Number of applicantsAdditional funds requiredA total of six months of funds required
+ Spouses£18,600£9,300
+ Spouses
+ One Child
+ Spouses
+ 2 Children
+ Spouses
+ 3 Children

As for the side funds to prove acceptance by the British Government? Details can be returned to my earlier article →英國政府公布BNO平權方案! 出發英國要預幾錢喺戶口?

UK daily expenditures?

First of all, you have to ask yourself a question: which city do you choose to live in when you go to England? Well, there can be a big difference between the cost of living in a city. Here are a few short cost-of-living statistics for several popular cities:

City Centre
Renting a 3 bedroom property
Water, Electricity & Gas£168£138£202£114
Internet Utilities£95£92£75£88
Monthly basic expenses£4,732£2,572£2,395£2,113

Of course, the cost of living in London is the most expensive! So there are people in Hong Kong who choose Manchester City, Bristol and even Glasgow, which have lower living standards.

What about the necessary visa fees?

Visa fees
(30 months / 5 years) £180 / £250
£1,000 / 1,440
Medical examination fee (depending on the clinic)
(Ages 11 or older) HKD 900
(Ages 11 or younger) HKD 450
Immigration Health Fee
(Immigration Health Surcharge)
(Age 18 or over) Each person per year £624
(Age 18 or under) Each person per year £470
Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)
Refers to the current fee, each person £2,389
Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) (not yet published) (not yet published)
Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) Each person £229
Naturalization application fee (not yet published)
Referring to the current fees,
(18 years of age or older) from £1,206 per person per year
(Under 18 yrs) £1,012 per person per year
£31,818 / 32,258

That is to say, a family of four to the United Kingdom for 6 years, live in Glasgow, rough estimate of the minimum total expenditure will be £185,644, the difference is expected to be more than 1.9 million HKD! Of course, if you go to the UK, you'll get back to work, or invest, and so on.

When it comes to investment, investing in UK property is a good choice, with a 10% return on investment. If you are interested in understanding, we welcome you to register for a free consultation, we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Established in Hong Kong in 2008, Jiayu is a consulting firm with rich experience and excellent reputation for providing immigration, study abroad and overseas property investment services. Our team combines lawyers, accountants, legal notarization and dozens of professional services staff, is committed to providing customers with professional services, detailed and objective analysis, attentively and carefully tailor-made for you.


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