2020 15-21/11 家譽英國物業投資出租紀錄|Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, UK

UK Property Investment Record South Lanarkshire | 15 - 21 November

This week's rental record is in South Lanarkshire, a traditional residential area popular with locals. Congratulations to Miss Zhou on getting started. Ms. Zhou confirmed the offer at the end of August and rented it out soon after it was officially closed last month, as can be seen in the popularity of the district. Then let's take a look at the details of the property now!

The flat that Miss Zhou purchased is located inHamilton, close to the business centre of the district. Hamilton is a traditional residential area popular with families and a major urban area of South Lanarkshire, with historic landmarks and a long history and culture.

The nearest train station is a walk from the flat calledHamilton Centralor the local shopping centre is only a 6 minute drive, the drive to Glasgow city centre is only 20 minutes. This area can be described as quiet, but also many Scottish families love the community.

This property is a one-bedroom residence and is in the Freehold category. The property is on the market for a price of £60,000 and is priced at £45,000, which is 33% below the market price at the time of purchase.

Property Location

  • 20 minutes fromGlasgow city centre
  • 6 minutes from Hamilton Central train station
  • Close to shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, etc
  • Central to secondary and primary schools

Major facilities nearby

  • Large shopping centre
  • Supermarket
  • Restaurants
  • Bar
  • School
  • Other leisure facilities

Features of the property

  • The living room is spacious and bright, and the space is practical
  • One bedroom
  • Kitchen with dining table area
  • Bathroom
  • Fire safety doors
  • Double-glazed windows
  • Central heating
Return calculation
Rental return income rate11.3 – 12.0%12.0%
Investment Report (ROI)7.8 – 8.2%8.2%
Each monthRental Income£425 – 450£450
Every YearCash flow£5,100 – 5,400£5,400
Management Fees£765 – 810£810
After deducting expensesEvery YearCash flow£4,335 – 4,590£4,590
Buy and rent
Property prices£45,000
Renovation fee£3,000
Service charge*£4,800
Tenant repairing fee£450
Attorney's fees (including VAT)£880
Stamp duty£1,800
*The service charge will be adjusted per case by case

Rent returns on rental properties are good, especially in traditional residential areas, where it is easier to find tenants. It only took us just over two weeks for our sourcing agent team in the UK to get a tenant, who was an English gentleman working in the local government!

You can view the property images below

Established in Hong Kong in 2008, Jiayu is a consulting firm with rich experience and excellent reputation for providing immigration, study abroad and overseas property investment services. Our team combines lawyers, accountants, legal notarization and dozens of professional services staff, is committed to providing customers with professional services, detailed and objective analysis, attentively and carefully tailor-made for you.


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