Australia's GTI Talent Immigration Program 20-21 annual 15,000 shortened by two months to obtain permanent residence

Australia's GTI Talent Immigration Program 2020 -21 introduces a new way to quickly immigrate over

Australia has launched the Global Talent Visa Program (GTI), which aims to bring the world's best talent to Australia, particularly in several technology industries. In 2020-21, GTI plans to have a total of 15,000 places, the fastest two months to gain residency!

Australia Immigration GTI Merit-based Immigration program- kangaroo across the road-JiaYu

UnderAustralia's Home Office sitethe GTI program is designed to attract talent from around the world to develop innovative technologies and related economies for Australia, while hoping that the best in the class will bring expertise to Australia, rebuild the economy devastated by the outbreak and create more jobs.

  1. Agricultural science and technology
  2. Space and Advanced Manufacturing
  3. FinTech
  4. Energy and Mining Technology
  5. MedTech
  6. Cyber Security
  7. Quantum Information, Advanced Digital, Data Science and ICT
The related technician jobs for Australia's GTI Merit-based Immigration program | JiaYu

The conditions of the application
Applicants must demonstrate that their qualifications, and skills are sufficient to earn a minimum annual salary of AUD$153,600 in Australia.

How do I prove my qualifications?

  • In Hong Kong earning the equivalent of an annual salary of AUD$153,600, or about HK$870,000 at today's exchange rate.
  • There are already local Australian employment letters, the annual salary requirement is also AUD$153,600.
  • Get letters of recommendation from both local academic organizations or assessment agencies.

In addition to the above several methods of proving qualification, if you have completed a master's degree or doctorate in the past three years, and the relevant fields mentioned above in the Department of Science and Technology Research, you have the same opportunity to successfully apply!

Want to know if you can qualify for the Australian GTI program? Or is there any other way to immigrate to Australia? Ask or contact us right now!

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