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Canada introduces the preferential port youth policy after the arrival of Canada eligibility to reside forever

Canada's Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino announced on the 12th, in response to the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, the introduction of new policies and relaxation of the original immigration policy, but also to provide two new ways to apply for permanent residence, as well as the abolition of Hong Kong people after the failure of refugee applications to wait a year, Hong Kong people have a number of options to emigration!

Australia's 2020-21 fiscal year quota announces increase in business investment immigration quota | Australia Immigration | JiaYu

Australia's 2020-2021 new fiscal budget and what it means for investment immigration

Last month, the Australian Government announced an immigration quota for the 2020-21 financial year, maintaining the 160,000 quota for the previous financial year, but the distribution was different, with a decline in skilled immigrants compared with last year and an increase in business investment and top talent migration. Next, let's go down the detailed numbers! As can be seen from the figure above, the quota for the allocation of migrants in the technical and commercial categories has been reduced by 27%.

Immigration to Taiwan Application Conditions | Which is Your Best Plan? | JiaYu

What immigration application conditions should you consider for Taiwan?

This week's UK property sales record is back! Mr. Nguyen bought the Greater Glasgow property in late June and early July in the small town of Wishaw. It's not too late, come and visit the property right away. This flat is located in the small town of Newmains in North Lanarkshire, near Greater Glasgow. Newmains, once was Scotland's industrial town many years ago, is now a popular residential area.

New Heat Topic: "Capitalist Roader" | Compare the cost of each British Bank's Offshore Account | JiaYu

The term "go capital" is comparing to the major British banks about open offshore account fees

After the implementation of the National Security Law earlier, a few Hong Kong people were worried about the retention of assets in Hong Kong, and many people sprouted the law of transferring assets out of Hong Kong, and if Hong Kong people immigrated to the United Kingdom with BNO as if they were arrows in the strings, and some people had a real need to transfer their existing assets to the United Kingdom. In a few months, many people will discuss the opening of offshore accounts, foreign currency exchange, etc. , what is the best way to "go capital"?

Hong Kong enter the UK as family with LOTR permission - UK BNO Immigration - JiaYu Immigration

持BNO港人可經LOTR准許入境英國 一家人出發最理想

英國政府於明年1月開放為港人而設嘅Hong Kong BN(O) Visa簽證,並推出「5+1」嘅入籍路徑。為咗令更多港人可以盡快入境英國,英國政府喺上周二(22)更新BNO簽證及過渡性准許簽證Leave Outside The Rules (LOTR)詳情,明確釐清BNO持有者可帶同受養人提前入境。

澳洲政府公布優先移民職業名單 咩職業最渴市?| 澳洲移民|家譽

The Australian government announces a list of priority immigration occupations.

移民澳洲一向都係港人首選,技術移民更加係資金較緊絀人士嘅首選。澳洲政府於上星期三(2日)公布優先移民職業名單(New Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List,PMSOL),列出17個需求較大嘅職業,可獲優先處理移民申請,幫助澳洲經濟重返軌道。

港人留澳工作及留學簽證獲延長 居留5年後可即拎PR?|澳洲移民|JiaYu

港人留澳工作及留學簽證獲延長 居留5年後可即拎PR?

澳洲政府延長港人嘅臨時工作簽證(Temporary Skilled Visa)及畢業生簽證至5年,更聲稱可以喺5年後提供申請永居嘅途徑。聽落好似好簡單,但係澳洲其實對申請永居仍然有一定要求,而針對港人嘅永居計劃細節仍然未出台,5年後係咪真係可以成功移民?似乎仲係未知之數。

Visa fee for immigrants to Britain, Australia and Canada cost | JiaYu

比拼各國移民簽證費 移民英國、澳洲、加拿大要洗幾多?


澳洲將港人VISA延長至5年 轉永居成數有幾大?

澳洲政府早前宣布將給予持臨時工作簽證 (Temporary Skilled Visa) 及畢業生簽證嘅在澳港人額外5年簽證期,並且提供申請永久居留嘅路徑。好多港人心思思,以為移民澳洲容易咗。但係件事咁理想,好似唔太符合澳洲一貫非常嚴謹嘅移民政策。到底係咪真係咁容易?不如一齊研究下!

UK Government post the BNO Equal Right Art, how many budget you need for immigration to UK? | JiaYu

英國政府公布BNO平權方案! 出發英國要預幾錢喺戶口?

好消息!BNO平權成功,曾經持有BNO嘅港人 (have a BN(O) status) 可以喺出年1月開始申請去英國喇!呢個VISA嘅申請條件詳情到底係點?PR條件又係咩?證明6個月財政能力即係要預幾多錢?知道大家都心大心細,不如一齊嚟睇清楚方案細節啦!