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美國位於北美洲中部,全稱為美利堅合眾國。面積937.26萬平方千米,人口3.28億,當中76%為白人,其他族裔包括黑人、亞洲人、拉美移民、印第安人等。美國有著來自世界各地的大量移民,民族及文化多元,幾乎容納了全世界各民族的人,因此有「民族熔爐」的美譽。首都為華盛頓(Washington D.C.),居民主要信奉基督教、天主教,英語為官方語言,貨幣為美元。


The L-1 visa is one of the immigration permits of the U.S. Immigration Service for long-term work by foreign businessmen and foreign experts in the United States. Foreign companies are mainly encouraged to do business and invest in the United States. As the world's largest superpower, the United States attracts a large number of immigrants and visitors every year.

• 申請者的職位必須和他的教育和經歷有關係,須提交相關證明
• Applicants must be managers, or professionals
• The U.S. company must be a subsidiary or affiliate of the parent company
• 申請L-1者必須將在美國全職工作一年以上,不接受兼職工作

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