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Project Benefits

• The return on investment is more than 10%

Stable return on investment each year

• The properties are 10% below market value

Our team is committed to providing properties below market value

• The threshold for funding requirements is low


• Rapid cash flow

Stable rental income means you can increase your passive income

• The purchase process is transparent

The process is open and transparent, assisted by a team of professionals and local lawyers


Introduction to Glasgow

Our team in Glasgow with years of deep roots and has a strong network, from searching for properties to managing tenants, we can provide you with a one-stop shop.

Our team of lawyers can quickly handle the property sale process for you. After the transaction, our rental team will find and manage tenants, along with the decoration team to provide the property decoration, allowing you to rent the property out as soon as possible.

Our team will be there to make sure that all the important details will be handled, providing you with the best support.

About Greater Glasgow

Glasgow is Scotland's largest city and the fourth largest city in the UK, at the mouth of the Clyde River in the West of Scotland.
格拉斯哥市連同周邊數個城鎮合稱為大格拉斯哥地區 ,總人口1,183,120, 佔蘇格蘭總人口的21%。

UK Flag outside The Randolph Hotel | Great Glasgow is Scotland's largest city and the fourth largest city in the United Kingdom | 英國物業|海外置業|JiaYu

368.5 square kilometers

Big Ben In London, UK | JiaYu

871,020 homes

Residential units in 2019
volume was 35,019

Graduates of 2018/19
The average annual salary is £23,500

Why Glasgow

Residential vacancy are rates low

The vacancy rate for residential properties in the greater Glasgow area was 2.2%, indicating a shortage of homes in the area.

To drive local economic development

Many enterprises choose to settle down, the economic strength is gradually strong

The city planning will be better in the future

Railway HS2, wind power generation facilities, recycling centres, etc. will be built.

The pressure on first-time home buyers is low.

The income of local residents is sufficient to afford the first property, and there is a stamp duty relief.

Residential units are in short supply

The demand for housing is increasing with population growth and the existing supply is not being met

The rise in the property market continues

Average property prices have been rising for the last five years, from £106,035 (2015) to £135,232

Greater Glasgow


Volume (2019)


Vacancy rate (2019)


Rental return income rate


Property prices to income ratio

Our Role

To solve your problems, we offer a one-stop shop, including:

• Property options

• Legal support

• Rental management

• Mortgage arrangements

• Housing renovations

Our Services

Set up a British company

Provide legal services

Negotiate with the owner

Professional unit and tenant management

Set up a British company

Open a UK bank account

Prepare and organize the required documents

Handle property renovation, and evaluation

Meet and assess potential tenants

Contact and manage the unit with the tenant

Tower Bridge in London, UK | JiaYu

Introduction to the United Kingdom

Britain has a long history, with the early economic take-off, is the first industrialized country, still has a global impact in the economy, culture, science and technology and other aspects. The UK is also a member of the Great Britain Association, the G20, the G8, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the World Trade Organisation.

After Brexit, despite concerns about its economic outlook, the economic strength accumulated over the years is not to be underestimated, and it is expected that the future prospects will remain cautiously optimistic.

Finance, insurance, services, etc. are booming and leading in the world

Becausebeing Europe's largest economy, the business environment is strong

The quality of higher education is world-renowned

Introduction to UK Properties

• The entry threshold is low

The threshold for purchasing units in some areas is as low as HK$400,000

• High rental income returns

Up to 2-10% return on investment per year

• Still an increase in turnover after Brexit

The UK property market is still stable, and trading is still on the rise.

• The property market rises steadily

Average property prices in the UK have been rising since 2010